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2020-04-23 Font Display:

Everything grows, everything changes.

Spring arrives, we have ushered in the beauty of the past.

Where the sakuras are in full bloom, everything in eyes is full of the gorgeous color of life.


HG image

Leading laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology,

Keeping up with cutting-edge technology in industry.

Continuous progress in the superior business,

Capturing market demand,

Continuing to develop new applications,

Marching to a new journey of high quality development.

Gather new technology, lead industry innovation

“No innovation, no future”.  HG image adapts to market changes, focuses on customer demands, always creates value for customers with new technology. Now let’s take a look at some of them.


●Optical Change Security Technology

Using high-frequency grating structure imaging technology to generate a special two-color photorefractive effect, which is red when observed from a certain angle, and green when the pattern is rotated 90 degrees.


●Micro Lens Array Technology

Currency security level of anti-counterfeiting, can achieve dynamic text and 3D floating effect, text and image moves with the changing of observing angel by naked eyes.

●Precise Etching Technology

This anti-counterfeiting technology can achieve invisible text and image effect by a special process, customers can only observe the invisible information through back light.

●Certificate and Card Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

In certificate and card security field, HG image has multiple independently developed products which includes surface hot stamping film, heat transfer film, Patch film, PC laminated film. These products all have nice appearance and wear resistance, can make good protection of certificate and card.


●Holographic Water Transfer Printing Technology

Holographic water transfer printing technology is a perfect combination of laser holography and decal. Water transfer printing decal can be printed on irregular ceramic products, glass products and other irregular surface material. High stability, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance ensure the holographic effect can withstand high temperature of 170 degrees.

Develop core technology, maintain high-quality management

Facing the changes in market economy, HG image knows that only by consistently developing core technology, creating products according to customers’ demands and sticking to the strategy of key customers, can we achieve high-quality and stable development in holographic anti-counterfeiting field and become one of the "core competitive enterprises" in industry.

01 Holographic Security Materials


02 Water Transfer Printing Decal

03 New field of holographic water transfer 

04 High-end security label printing 

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