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Security Solutions

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TIME : 2017-05-24

1. Necessity of security beverage

Beverage security is of great importance to us all. In recent years, food security peoblems occur frequently and have negative effects on people’s health, which attract attentions around the world. Thus, how to track and trace beverage production effectively become an urgent problem to resolve.

On the other hand, QR code is  the popular method of the mobile Internet now, people can use their mobiles to scan any product to get information they want. In this way, it’s urgent for all beverage enterprises to seek for high quality security QR code suppliers.


2. Security technology applicationon on beverage




The beverage solution put forward by HG Image, is to meet the requirement of beverage security. The secuirty solution contains the advantages of QR code, helping to provide digital information, and holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, ensuring the security of QR code. Beverage solutions are widely used in various high-end bottled water, it helps gain attractive appearance and social benefits.

Our traceability system for beverage gives each product an unique QR code by means of software during production. And then it records production date, batch number and even the source of raw materials, production lines, production operators and other related information.

As we know, every product will be marked by automatic labeling/printing equipment and industrial equipment to establish bulk logistics operation. Firstly, linking product with identification code, logistics code of cases, the tray bar code and batch number step by step, then adopting the tray bar code or batch number to define logistics information for all products. Finally, utilizing a database to store the above information.

Manufacturers combine product code with market information, while in and out of the warehouses, and upload to the server. It’s convenient to check product information through scanning, telephone as well as artificial input product code on the internet in the process of circulation. As long as quality problems occur, we can track the reasons with the product code. What’s more, the inventory problem can also be found according to the product code corresponding information.


3. Exclusive advantages of security beverage solution

1) To be equipped with advanced product management, each label on product is given unique code to enhance comprehensive security result. In this way, consumers can search its production date, expiry date and even the whole production and circulation process through the QR code security solution.

2) To ensure high quality materials and completely get rid of any defect, and broken probelms under the clean environment throughout the whole production process. What’s more, HG Image daily production for QR code labels can be up to 12 million pieces per day with large-scale, high-volume and advanced production lines.

3)  Perfect sales service are available. Emergency meetings about beverage solution will be held as long as we receive customers’ inquiry. And then we’ll make customized packaging solutions for our customers and ensure that services be provided at 24 hours.


4. Security beverage cases