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Security Solutions

Alcohol Solution

TIME : 2016-08-01

1. Necessity of security alcohol 

With the rapid development of economy, great breakthrough and progress have been made for alcohol industry in products R&D, sales channel and marketing model. The security packaging  solution for alcohol is related to the interests of customers, and it's significant to design anti-counterfeit  feature on packaging for its healthy development.


2.  Security technology application on alcohol




HG Image puts laser holographic anti-counterfeiting to against the counterfeit or inferior alcohol, and uses laser color hologram plate making technology, molding replication technology to enhance alcohol security level. This is really the best way to  strengthen alcohol market control and  improve busniess brand.


3. Exclusive advantages of security alcohol

1) To apply HDI technology in alcohol, giving security code to each anti-counterfeit label that carries four layers which include consistent information , and these security codes are unique and variable;

2) To combine database query management system with QR code, so as to manage the product logistics well and build a retroactive platform to define wine product quality tracking system;

3) To ensure all-round security of liquor, adopting holographic single color, depth effect,unique dynamic guilloche effect, high precision demetalized, ture color effect, 3D effectand other special effects, which combines the physical security with information security.


4. Alcohol Security Cases