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Food Drinks Fair 2019

2019-05-31 Font Display:

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With advanced holographic lithography technology and hologram packaging solutions, HG Image offers high-quality hologram water transfer printing decals for the high-level packaging and security field. So amazing!

Holographic Decals Wine bottle showing at FDF

HG Image is always trying to seek breakthrough in the inheritance and innovation, and issues the exclusive hologram water transfer printing decals in China. All our holographic water transfer printing decals feature with precise positioning and efficient anti-counterfeiting characters. With leading engineers R&D team and advanced technology, we are devoted to improve and upgrade the packaging for all high-level business brands.


HGIMAGE view on Food Drinks Fair


HG Image adheres to great originality, pursing the higher glory in manufacture for over 30 years. Find great deals and security packaging solutions at HG Image for holographic water transfer printing decals, Hologram Stickers and labels, Hot Stamping Foil, Security Hologram, Barcode Products, Packaging Hologram, Metalized Paper and more.